Halloween 31/10/2018

Evening all. Sorry it’s been soooo long, I’ve been super stressed and busy ๐Ÿ˜ฆ but I’m trying my best to keep this up. Some highlights; I have a new job working at an Arena, I am doing a lot of volunteering and my course just keeps getting better and better.

As you know, it’s now November; the transition month. Transitioning from Halloween to Christmas can be hard for some (ME!!) Especially as, I prefer Halloween. So I thought, I would talk about how my Halloween night went and then the next blog (I promise will be this week), will be a list of the things I like to do in November.

So, my Halloween 31/10/2018. It was a good night, most parts anyway. I dressed up as a funny jester, which turned out a lot scarier and I scared myself a little. But I loved the overall look. ๐Ÿ˜ That night I had a ticket for the event at the O2 Academy in Leeds, I went with four of my five flatmates, plus a few others. That was awesome.

The atmosphere was great, the music was cool and I enjoyed being with my flatmates. The drinks on the other hand, were a tad expensive ยฃ14 for 4 VKs ๐Ÿ˜ฐ

That sort of the night was awesome, until it came to closing. I’d lost practically all my flat mates:( and was stood outside in the cold alone. Time went on and hadn’t heard back from anyone on Snapchat, then these group of lads came up to me and really scared me. They were touching me and stroking my arm, asking if I needed a lift/ how much I charged etc. And I was like, I’m dressed up for Halloween, clearly not a hooker.

Shortly after, my flat mate Liam came to my rescue. He had actually been looking for me, bless his heart. He got the guys away and then we made our way home, he also shared his nuggs ๐Ÿ™‚

So here’s three tips from me, if you plan to go out for Halloween, or any occasion for that matter.

1. Make sure you have enough money.

2. Stay with someone at all times. Use the buddy system!

3. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

So there you have it, my Halloween and some tips. I hope you’re all well. Speak later this week.


Amy’s World.


Beauty routines!!!

Evening all, I’ve hope you all have been well. I’d like to apologize for not posting for a few days, it’s been a really busy and just bad week. I’ve had no time to put my best effort in to writing, or think about it properly. Therefore, I decided not to post until I could. BUT I’M BACK!

So, as you can probably tell by the heading, tonight I’m going to talk about beauty routines. Who doesn’t love to put a face mask on? Or get that feeling of a freshly washed face? I know I love it, but before I get in to what some of my beauty routines are, I thought it might be good to do some research and talk about the top two sites that in my opinion give good, affordable beauty routines, that don’t take up too much of your time. Yet equally, give amazing results.

Site one: https://www.lorealparisusa.com/beauty-magazine/skin-care/skin-care-concerns/skin-care-routine-day-week-month.aspx

This site has a lot of information on daily, weekly & monthly routines. You should really check this site out. But for my blog, I’m going to talk about just one of the routines; once daily routine. Here they have four tips;

  1. Apply broad-spectrum sunscreen in the morning just before your makeup(if you wear it).
  2. Remove your makeup at night.
  3. Swipe on a peel pad, at night.
  4. Use an anti-aging treatment at night.

There you have it! The top four tips, used once daily to keep your face looking and feeling fresh.

Site two:

This site, compared to the first, doesn’t necessarily give you a routine. Better yet, they give you tips on what you should be doing daily to keep your skin healthy and fresh. Following will be a less detailed version of their checklist;

  1. Water is important. At morning, drink 12 ounces of water to start your day. Then carry on drinking water throughout the day.
  2. Instead of using a low quality facial cleanser, try just using warm water. This should be sufficient enough as you should have cleansed your face before bed, the night before.
  3. Too much exfoliating can be bad for your skin. Instead of exfoliating every day, restrict this step to once a week to protect your skin from the ravages of the sun.
  5. Use sunscreen daily, to protect your skin from sunlight.

So, there you have it. Five tips to keeping your skin healthy and fresh looking/feeling!

I hope that you will visit these two sites, as I feel they are really useful in helping you start or continue your beauty routine. Now, as mentioned, I will quickly state what my beauty routine entails;


  • Shower.
  • Brush teeth.
  • Wash face with ‘Simple‘ face wash.
  • Apply ‘balance me‘ restore and replenish face cream.
  • Apply ‘Benefit‘ SPF30 face sunscreen.
  • Apply make-up.


  • Cleanse face from any makeup, using ‘Micellar water’ and cotton pads.
  • Use ‘Crystal Clear‘ soothing cleansing gel.
  • Apply ‘GlamGlow‘ supermud clearing treatment (face mask).
  • Wash off face mask after 20/25 minutes.
  • Apply ‘Beauty Pro‘ eye therapy under eye mask (collagen &green tea) for 20 mins. (Twice a week)
  • Apply ‘YourGoodSkin‘ pro vitamin overnight cream.
  • Brush teeth.

So, my beauty routine is quite personal to me. It can change from time to time, but the three brands I always use are; Simple; Micellar; and YourGoodSkin.

For a quick video of my face mask application, go check out my Instagram. Link is on my site.

Before I leave you, feel free to ask any questions. I’d like to leave you with this one; do you have any beauty routines? If so, what are they? I’d love to hear about them.


Amy’s World.

Being female can suck sometimes..

Evening all! Hope you’re all well? So my original plan, was to write about my day. In which, I still will do. But, I also want to talk about how being female can suck sometimes, especially once a month.

So, my day started off great, ish. Was still tired from last night’s coursework, but felt ready for the day, felt great. In which I felt this way till about 11.A.M. When suddenly, I had a weird feeling in my gut, and low behold Aunt Flow came to visit.

NO warning, NO signs, just a quick pop in, to say she’s going to stay with me for a little while. That’s when the mood started. I had nothing on me, I wasn’t prepared. So, in to the shop I waddle to get some toiletries, but I wasn’t wearing the best outfit for this, so felt gross already.

Then came along lunch, and of course I buy enough food to feed 4 people. A jacket with chilli and cheese, oh and a try of curly fries! ( I planned to save them for the workshop coming up) oh no, I ate most of them before I left to go there.

Just before arriving to the workshop, I saw a pharmacy and thought maybe they can help. Low and behold, spend ยฃ5 on some feminax because, they or tramadol are the only thing that helps!

Arrived at my lecture, went to toilet, and was sick! How wonderful. Finished up in the toilets, go to class. My lovely lecturer, he brought tea and coffee for us all, but most importantly HOT CHOCOLATE, the drink I only have once a month because I crave it. Not a fan of the taste though. So grab my cup of hot chocolate, and start working with my team on out event plan.

Baring in mind, I had to go to the loo a few times. Workshop finished, and I walk home with my buddy David. Seems great, till it starts to pick rain. Made it home before it got heavy, thank God!

Once home, showered and put warm PJ’s on. I then lay on the weirdest position, but it was comfy so it did fine. I forgot to mention, had a snack I the workshop too.

About 8, I make Mac and cheese, enough for four people, I eat HALF! And now, I’m in bed, making my way through a pot of low calorie ice cream, crying at animal pictures, wishing I was a boy. So yes, being female really SUCKS at times!

Any of my female followed relate? My tops incoming mechanisms?


Amy’s World.

How important is outside class reading?

Mid morning hola! I want to apologize for not posting last night, I was doing lots of coursework and uni reading. Even fell asleep at my desk. LOL!

So, I just wanted to say sorry! Which brings me on to the topic of, how important is outside class reading when in first year at uni? I mean, obviously it is important, but to the point where you’re falling asleep at your desk?

I take partial blame, I’m kind of a swot (nerd), but still. We are meant to read a very long list of books outside of class, some essential, some are not. While also doing coursework, maintaining a social life and trying to be indepedent. If you’re like me, also trying to get used to the place as you live quite a while away, it can be hard.

I’m going to keep it short, as there will be a longer one this evening. What are your thoughts on outside class reading at uni? Important or not?


Amy’s World.

Coffee houses, yay or nay?โ˜•

Evening all, hope you’ve all had a sweet day! My day has been productive of some sort… Spent most of it at Starbucks trying to get uni coursework done. Ended up making notes of blog ideas! While I was there, I thought why don’t I talk a little about coffee housesโ˜•

Some people love to go there, to socialize, to go to do some work or just because they love coffee. While others decide they don’t like coffee houses, I wonder why? For me I love them! I am most definitely a coffee-holicโ˜•

I thought, since I love lists so much, why not make a list of ten reasons why I love coffee houses;


2. I work so much better there, if I’m back home, I get distracted very easily…

3. SEASONAL coffees– ๐ŸŽƒ spice is everything!

4. They do cold coffee too! Not the horrible tasting cold coffee, the sweet flavoured cold coffee ๐Ÿ˜‰

5. I feel invincible! Like I can take on anything after having coffee!!

6. Arty smarty photos to upload to social media. Don’t lie, we all do it!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

7. You’re contentโ€œI shouldnโ€™t have ordered thatโ€ or โ€œI really did not need to buy thoseโ€ are all OK things to say.

8. The space is creative – I feel I get my best ideas flowing when at a coffee house… Hence my blog ideas earlier on

9. Delightful Music โ€“ I have not yet gone to a coffee house thatโ€™s tuned in to an FM radio station as their house music.

10. Interesting Mix of People โ€“ I love people watching. I observe total strangers in their preferred drink, dessert, gadget, book, fashion sense, the way they talk, their set of friends.

So there you have, my ten reasons why I love coffee houses! How about you, what coffee houses do you like? And why?


Amy’s world.

October and lists…๐Ÿƒ๐ŸŽƒ

Evening, today I’m going to chat about two of my favourite things; the month October and lists. I’ve always been the gal who preferred October and Halloween to Christmas, well since I was about ten that is. I’d take horror, leaves and autumn, over winter, snow and jolly songs any day.

Lists I’ve loved for a few years, I just like how they can help plan something, get something done quicker, and how organised they are… So, I thought for today’s blog, why not combine the both? So here’s a list of 10 reasons, why I love October. Enjoy;

1. PUMPKIN spiced anything, plus pumpkin pie, pumpkin cake, just pumpkin as a whole.๐ŸŽƒ

2. Oktoberfest!!

3. Leaves; all the different colours, crunchy noises. Just beautiful. ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿ

4. Seasonal activities are the best; apple picking, pumpkin carving, sweet tasting. ๐Ÿ˜‹

5. It seems more socially acceptable to watch scary films and shows. Not that I care.๐Ÿคท

6. Sweater weather!! It’s never too cold, or too hot. Always just right!

7. I’m not a big sweet candy person, but this month is where you can eat as much candy as you like without being judged. ๐Ÿฌ๐Ÿซ

8. DRESSING UP! And I mean all month, not just Halloween. It’s when I do my best dressing up ideas,

9. Seeing all the wonderful decorations on the last week of October, really gives me goosebumps and lights up my world. โœจ

10. Lastly, it brings joy to me watching all the children and families get scared on Halloween ( funny scared, not scary scared). It brings joy to families.

So there you have it, my top ten reasons why I love October. If you had to pick a season/month, what would it be? And why?


Amy’s World.

Light Night Leeds – 05/10/2018

I’ve been rattling my brain this past week or so, on what to write as my first post. Then BAM! It hit me, why not write about Light Night that I went to in Leeds. It is the perfect post, as I’ve recently moved here to study at Leeds Beckett as an Events Management student, so why not post about one of my first big events that I attended. So, i’ll just make 3 simple points of what there was and what i thought of it. Keep it short and simple for the first post is what I’ve always heard!

Firstly, I would like to mention how amazing the night was, everything was put together so gracefully and the whole night was just a bundle of fun. However, if there was one thing i’d have to criticise, it would be that me and my friend Sophie didn’t really know our way around the city, and some staff weren’t very helpful. I suppose it is also our fault, for not planning ahead.

Secondly, the pieces that were put together had such a story about them and so much character, it truly lit up Leeds that night and honestly, it gave me goosebumps seeing all the different coloured lights and animations. The whole town was filled with both children and adults enjoying themselves, laughing and just being happy. You could really see how the event brought communities from in and around Leeds together. It was magical!

Thirdly, lets talk about the food trucks that were dotted around! I WANTED TO TRY EVERY FOOD TRUCK!!! It was so hard to say no to it ha ha. I found it amazing in how many varied food trucks were there; there was burgers, pizza’s panini’s, and even donuts. It reminded me a little of a fair back home. If you were to choose which food trucks would be at a festival you might be attending, which ones would you choose? I definitely would have Italian and Indian.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed Light Night and it was definitely a magical and overwhelming experience. I will definitely be going again next year! Please feel free to ask me questions about the event. For more information on light Night 2018; https://whatson.leeds.gov.uk/lightnight/Home


Amy’s World.